Drosten want Japanese as a model against Corona so it looks like their strategy

Japan has brought the Coronavirus according to his own statements under control – without a hard Lockdown and prohibitions. The country had been criticized before for doing just that. According to the Charité-Professor Christian Drosten your exceptionalism could be now a role model for Germany.

Japan has lifted the Corona-a state of emergency for the entire island Kingdom ahead of time. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe issued on Monday, the release for the Tokyo Metropolitan area, as well as the northernmost province of Hokkaido. For the rest of the country, parts of the right-wing conservative had lifted the state of emergency previously. Originally, he should be 31 to to. May persist.

The Asian country was followed in the Corona of a pandemic, however, is already much less restrictive than many other Nations. So the government allowed the governors of the regions, only to recommend a total of more than 126 million citizens of Japan to stay at home. In addition, you could stimulate the closure of businesses and schools. On a hard output restrictions and strict bans, such as in Germany or Italy, Japan had not, however, the entire time.

What is the strategy Japan continues – apparently with success

How exactly that was possible, in the country didn’t communicate offensive, such as Christian Drosten, a Professor of Virology and Director of the corresponding Institute at the Charité hospital in Berlin, on Thursday in the NDR Info-Podcast “The Coronavirus-Update” said. Therefore, you do not have exactly what strategy the Japanese drive to curb the pandemic. “But all have wondered about it already” – the number of cases decreased in the past few weeks.

In the meantime, the virologist wants to understand what the apparent success of the Japanese special path based on the early detection of infection clusters, so the temporal and spatial clustering of infections, and the immediate and Isolate all members of this infection cluster.

This means that as soon As someone is identified as infected and, for example, a short time before in the gym was, is everyone trained to a similar time in this gym is considered as infected and immediately at home in isolation. On further diagnostics using a PCR-based Tests in the laboratory, the authorities do not, for the time being, to chains of Infection immediately to prevent. “This is the core of the Japanese strategy, and we see the success,” says Drosten.

Drosten praises exceptionalism: “we Need to take us as an example”

Laboratory tests may be made up to the insulation, of course, he adds. But the quick Intervention of the authorities in the Form of a lump sum isolation of all contacts of Infected – without waiting lengthy test diagnostics – appears to have led to a number of cases of disease goes back slowly. Not as drastic as in countries with a full Lockdown, as the virologist is running. But the Numbers are the weeks of “steady and steadily getting a little bit more” drops – up to today’s level of only 1820 acute Tests Corona confirmed cases.

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The of Japan, selected strategy would have to be quite can go wrong, says Drosten. The data, which would have justified the immediate to Isolate all of the cluster members, it is really long. “But that’s okay.”

Measures should be refined

In the meantime, had changed the data location. So-called super-spreading Events, so, for example, Training in a gym, or attend a football game, would be in the pandemic development, therefore, an increasingly great importance, explained Drosten. The early detection of clusters and the immediate to Isolate cluster members at home, “we need to take us as an example for the next future, now,” says the virologist, especially in view of the approaching summer.

“We now have a relaxation phase, where we have our actions adjusted where we can can make certain things of us and practice, such as, for example, the Opening of schools and kindergartens” – with the hedging by the upcoming summer vacation, which forced a more relaxing way, go hand-in-hand, in case something go wrong should be explained when Trying out new measures, the Charité Professor.

What does that mean exactly? “Is infected with a teacher, you look at each other, in which classes taught in the last couple of days,” describes Drosten the procedure. “These students have to stay at home.” Probably for a week, as the virologist on the Basis of the current state of Research on the Infectivity of Infected predicted. To lock, instead of the entire school, it could be best if only those isolated contact with an Infected had – and the chain of Infection will not be interrupted before they become uncontrollable, because comprehensible. 

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Japan came so far, got off lightly by the pandemic

Japan has managed with this strategy without Lockdwon in just one and a half months to bring the situation so well under control, as head of the government, Abe said at a press conference this week. “We had very clear criteria for lifting the state of emergency.” But you had come to the conclusion, “that we have met these criteria”.

That it would come to this, because many had previously doubted. Because Japan had been in the past few weeks for his moderate approach, in part heavily criticised. In addition, some of the government-accused, to test, much less to infection with the Virus than other countries, and may have missed infections. The infection in the country figures, however, against this Thesis.

In spite of the enormous density of population and approximately 40 million inhabitants more than Germany and Japan, according to the Johns Hopkins University so far, 16.651 infections with the Virus and 858 deaths confirmed by Covid-19. Almost 14,000 of those Infected have already recovered. For comparison: in Germany, the University is 181.918 Infected and 8463 Corona-Dead. 163.222 are considered to be cured.

The number of new Infections declined in Japan, the last country-wide only a few dozen per day. At the peak of the infection wave, it was around 700. Thus, Japan is in comparison to Europe, the USA and other affected countries unscathed.

“We need to develop new life-style and change the way we think”

In addition to the Drosten described Cluster identification strategy Japan even before the pandemic, the usual high level of Hygiene have played Standards in the cards – and in the containment of the infection events helped. In addition, specific cultural features have contributed to the opinion of experts: In Japan, it is customary to bow to instead of shaking each other’s hands, to wear a mouth-nose protection of the Public, and to take off your shoes before you go into the house.

The head of government, Abe called on his compatriots to be in the “new normal” more careful and to avoid closed spaces, and close contact with others. “We need to develop a new lifestyle and change the way we think,” he said. “If we loosen our protective measures, will spread the infection quickly.”

The WHO also warns against too quickly to comprehensive a return to normality. The world is still in the middle of the first wave of the Coronavirus outbreak. “We can’t assume that the clip-on are kept in low, just because you are currently in a downward trend,” said WHO emergency Director Mike Ryan. The rate of infection could rise sharply again.

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