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Obesity: Certain nerve cells to control the “Overeating” of high caloric food

The number of people with Obesity continues to grow. In addition to lack of exercise and especially poor diet is a common reason for weight gain. But why is the desire for unhealthy, high-calorie food is actually so big? An answer to a research team from Germany.

In our modern society, high-calorie, energy-dense food is constantly available. According to a statement, researchers have found the end of the Max-Planck-Institute for metabolism research in Cologne discovered that a group of nerve cells in the brain of mice diet promotes the consumption of fat-rich. If these so-called Nozizeptin neurons are activated in the Hypothalamus, begin to the animals to eat more.

The number of Obese people is increasing

More and more people are to thick. As the Federal Statistical office (Destatis) announced last year, increased the number of Obese people in Germany to 53 per cent. The proportion of obese people was around 16 percent.

The number of Obesity associated diseases such as Diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases is increased.

In most cases, Overweight or obesity (obesity) is due to an unhealthy lifestyle with little exercise and lots of energy-rich food.

Findings from animal experiments

Scientists from the Max-Planck-Institute for metabolism research in the lab of Jens Brüning did in animal trials on mice to examine which nerve cells exactly the “Overeating” of high caloric food taxes.

The information suggests that the animals were fed with a particularly fat-rich food, and then examined.

“Three days fat diet rich in sufficient to increased activity of Nozizeptin neurons in the Nucleus arcuatus of the Hypothalamus to demonstrate,” explained Alexander Jais, first author of the study.

Inhibited Satiety Feeling

As the communication explains, were mice in another Experiment, selectively Nozizeptin neurons in the Nucleus arcuatus of the Hypothalamus. As a result of “not more überfraßen diet” these animals on the high fat.

Normal feed fed on the mice as before, however. Consequently, the Nozizeptin can be used to control neurons-specifically, the food intake of fat rich food.

In further experiments, the research team genetically used modified mice in which the activity of the Nozizeptin neurons in the Hypothalamus can be by means of light control.

“The activation of these brain cells has led to an excessive food intake in the animals” so Jais. “Through the activation of Nozizeptin neurons of the satiety feeling regulating be inhibited at the end of neurons, and the animals take in more food.”

Obesity in head start?

Energy-rich food leads to the fact, that in a short time significantly more calories are consumed.

“We are constantly of fat – and carbohydrate-rich foods surrounded, and our brain is wired so that we eat these high-calorie foods especially like,” says Jais.

“It is still not known why some people manage to eat only as much as you need and others will not. A possible explanation could now deliver the individual activity of Nozizeptin neurons.“

Problem of obesity increase in better control

The global Problem of the rise of the obesity-control diseases better, according to the professionals a basic understanding of the control of the metabolism is important.

“The current Covid-19-pandemic reminds us that obesity and related metabolic disorders such as Diabetes risk factors,” says Jais.

“That’s also why we need to understand better how the nervous system controls the consumption of high – caloric, fat-and carbohydrate-rich foods.” (ad)