Constipated? Try this yoga pose for instant relief

If you have been feeling unwell owing to digestive issues, here is a quick remedy.

Given that most of our daily activities, including eating habits and exercise routines, have taken a hit owing to the lockdown, digestive issues like constipation may be troubling you. But before popping a pill for relief, you can try Vajrasana, also known as the Diamond Pose or Thunderbolt which help aid the digestion process. The asana also helps relieve constipation that usually happens due to reduced physical activity and reduced intake of dietary fibre among other reasons. Taking to Instagram, Rujuta Diwekar recently shared how the asana can be your friend in need.

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She also explained some common mistakes that could be causing constipation:

— If you drink a lot of coffee and tea.

— If you do not follow a disciplined schedule to sleep and wake up.

— If you put too much pressure while on the toilet seat.

As per the celebrity nutritionist, Vajrasana can be practised by anyone as long as they can bend their knees. She also demonstrated how the pose can be practised using Iyengar Yoga props like a block or a bolster and a blanket.

How to do Vajrasana

*Bend your knees. Roll your calf muscles out. Point your toes behind. Sit. Release the buttocks in between the heels. Sit for 4-5 minutes in this pose.

*If you have trouble sitting in this posture, you can alternatively use a block to sit on.

*If you have been constipated for more than a week, try this Vajrasana variation using a blanket.

-Get a blanket, fold it and then roll it.

-Put it on your mid-calf muscles and release yourself down.

-Ensure your hips are down. Press the hamstrings against the blanket.

Diwekar recommended that one should do Vajrasana at least 4-5 times a day for at least 4-5 minutes. Maintaining a straight posture and upright spine can do the trick.

Benefits of Vajrasana

*The pose is known to be quite effective in hatha yoga for the stomach, liver, and uterus, and is also known to help the lower back.

*The kneeling pose helps marathon runners, people who stand for a long time or those with vericose veins as the pose brings the hips on the heels. The asana gives your quadriceps a nice stretch.

*It is also known to make the lower body flexible, strengthen sexual organs, tone body muscles including hips, thighs, calves and cures joint pains, and urinary issues.

*It strengthens the pelvic muscles.

Diwekar also recommended that one should try and practice the squatting position which helps keep tummy troubles away.

How are you keeping fit? 

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