These healthy drinks will help boost your immunity

Straight from your kitchen, these warm drinks may help you boost your immunity which may be helpful in trying times likes the coronavirus.

According to experts, a good way to keep yourself safe from the coronavirus is to boost your immunity, eat a balanced diet, and exercise even if you are home-bound. While it is necessary to take all the advised precautions including regular handwashing, it is also necessary to ensure that one is healthy internally too. For this, one can count on kitchen spices and condiments that can make for good health drinks.

Here’s what experts suggest. Take a look!

For lung health , to break down mucous in the lungs , to reduce cough , boost immunity …. fresh tulsi leaves , if you don’t have fresh you can use dried 1 tbsp ….5 peppercorns , 8 cloves crushed garlic , 2 inch piece mashed ginger , 2 tbsp fennel seeds , 2 tbsp methi / fenugreek seeds ….boil for 5 mins simmer sip warm …serves 6 to 7 ….great for fever too …..#thenewreligionlifestyle #cough #immunityboost #lunghealth #holistichealth #disclaimer not a replacement for medical treatment

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Lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho shared a recipe of a health drink that is good for “lung health”. “To break down mucous in the lungs, to reduce cough, reducing fever and boosting immunity,” he wrote on Instagram.


Few no- Fresh tulsi leaves
1tbsp – Dried tulsi leaves
5 no – Peppercorns
8 no – Cloves
1tsp – Crushed garlic
2-inch – Mashed ginger
2tbsp – Fennel seeds or saunf
2tbsp – Fenugreek seeds or methi


*Boil the ingredients together for five minutes.

However, he underlined that the concoction is not a replacement for medical treatment.

Meanwhile, chef Vicky Ratnani also took to Instagram to share the importance of eating more green leafy vegetables and protein along with sharing the recipe for a health drink that can be sipped throughout the day.

Stay Safe . Wash your hands often. Use a sanitizer . Eat well ! Drink hot water with lemon , turmeric and ginger. Sweeten it with some Jaggery and drink this all day long. ! Eat legumes , pulses, Leafy veg , lean protein . Be strong , Pray ! Safe Travels if you have to . Bon Voyage ❤️? #besafe #washyourhands #goawaycovid19 #sanitize

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1 cup- Water
1 no – Lemon
1/4tsp – Turmeric
1/2tsp – Ginger
1tbsp – Jaggery


*Boil the water.
*Mix all the ingredients. Sweeten with jaggery. Drink all through the day.

Kitchen condiments have long been trusted to be quite effective in boosting immunity. While studies are yet to prove their effectiveness against conditions like coronavirus, they are still considered helpful in aiding the body’s immunity levels against infections and boosting overall health.

Tell us how are you boosting your immunity?

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