China confirmed Corona cases in Wuhan only after repeated follow up of the WHO

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TOP NEWS: China has confirmed Corona cases in Wuhan only after repeated follow up of the WHO

China has confirmed the outbreak of a mysterious lung disease in Wuhan, the beginning of the year after two attempts to Ask the world health organization (WHO). The updated WHO-chronology of the Coronavirus pandemic. The original version of 27. April was able to give the impression that the Chinese authorities had the outbreak already at 31. December, the WHO reported. It is clear now that it was on the day, only a press release on the website of the health authorities in Wuhan.

The process, however, is not unusual, said the WHO emergency coordinator Michael Ryan on Friday night in Geneva. Often, national health authorities would have to verify information from the provinces first.

When exactly the Chinese authorities have what is communicated, is explosive. US President, Donald Trump has accused China of to have to slow the outbreak is informed, and makes the country therefore, for the spread of the Virus around the globe, responsible. The WHO accuses Trump to have too much on Chinese information familiar. He has set the cooperation with the WHO. China has rejected allegations, to have information taken, always.

In the chronology of 27. April said: "31. December: The municipal health Commission of Wuhan, China, reports a Cluster of pneumonia in Wuhan. A new Coronavirus was later identified." In the updated version to the date: "The WHO country office in China has been on a press release on the website of the municipal health Commission of Wuhan on cases of "viral Lungenentzündung" in Wuhan, China, to the attention of."

The WHO have 1. January, further information is required, and this requirement on the 2. January renewed. Under the 3. January, it is now: "Chinese officials provided the WHO information a in Wuhan, the identified Cluster of cases, 'viral pneumonia of unknown Ursache'."

According to Ryan, the Chinese authorities had confirmed, on demand, immediately, that it was in the press release of an official communication. You have to check the facts first. Countries should verify such information within 24 to 48 hours.

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