Avoid sunburn: UV clothing, sun cream and co. for hot summer days

Avoid sunburn: pain of sunburn after sun exposure – this has well-experienced each time. We have compiled helpful tips and handy Gadgets for you, for you to stay this year, from red burning skin spared.

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Avoid sunburn: long-Term damage caused by sun light

"The skin forgets nie" – it is so beautiful: people Who often extensive sun baths, enjoy long in the strong sun sizzles, and not with sun cream protects you from UV radiation, not only risking a hefty sunburn, but also long-term damage. A rapidly ageing, wrinkled skin is part of here is the least of Evils, because, after all, the UV radiation can also cause skin cancer. This is with early diagnosis, although treatable, can be in the worst case, but also deadly. Who does not protect himself at a young age against UV radiation, increases the risk of later skin cancers.

30 degrees and not a cloud in the sky – as everyone knows, of course, that the skin should be protected from the sun. But what if clouds cover the sun and the temperature is only a pleasant 20 degrees? The skin then takes no damage?

Different than expected, the strength of the harmful UV radiation does not depend (only) on the temperature, but from the so-called UV-Index. This is now displayed in almost every weather App. You have the choice of sun protection according to the UV Index, then you are also in supposedly low UV radiation on the safe side.

Read more about the UV Index as a guide value for the protection against UV-radiation.

Avoid sunburn: What is the sun protection factor should I choose?

The choice of the sun protection factor, short-LSF, depending on the type of skin differently. People with a naturally darker skin and dark hair will need a lower SPF and must tend to the protection from the sun so often re-apply as light skin types, freckles and sunburn. For each type, there is an estimated self-protection time – the time you can spend without sun protection in the sun without getting a sunburn. This time just multiply with the specified SPF and get so the time that you can spend Creamed in the sun. How long is this self-protection is the time for your skin type and what SPF is best for you, read here.

Warning sticker to show inadequate protection from the sun

Tchibo sun protection in children of control: the UV warning sticker to show when the sunscreen refreshed must be.

On a beautiful, relaxing day on the lake or the beach, it sometimes happens that the sun is not refreshed protection on a regular basis. There are now practical stickers that are stuck to the skin and change in colour of the display, as soon as the skin is not sufficiently protected. The application is quite simple: a Sticker glued to the skin and this, as usual, put on some sun cream. The cream is absorbed, it loses the Sticker, its color, and is transparent. From now on, he is responding to the changes in the skin, and turns in three stages up to the original purple. By now, the protection should be renewed.

The stickers are particularly suitable well, in order to keep the sun protection in children in the view. For 12,66 euros, buyers will receive in the case of Tchibo, a package with 16 stickers,. You will receive a 10 percent discount on your order from Tchibo with the discount code of the CHIP-saving alarm. Simply add the free CHIP saving alarm Add-On to your Browser and pay as Tchibo New and existing customers 10 percent less. From an order value of 20 Euro you receive your order with free shipping.


The right sunscreen select

Warning sticker all well and good, but if the sun cream does not just want to move on or even by the own sweat adopted, is also a UV warning sticker nothing. Not all sun cream does what it promises. A decision aid provides the CHIP practice tip, with this year’s winners of Öko-Test and Stiftung Warentest. To know which cream has cut off the category the best.

As well sun-rated creams

Best grade Very good: Dado Sens Sun sun fluid

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Öko-Test: Eco Cosmetics sun lotion SPF 30 from 15 Euro

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Good for kids: Ladival sun milk SPF 50

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UV clothing for sun protection in the water

Sun creams promise a certain level of water-resistance, who will be staying in the holiday but almost constantly in the water, remember that even the best sun encounter creams to their limits. UV clothing provides the best protection, for example, for surfers or kids, the long in the sea plan. Especially the shoulders and the hairline are particularly fast red. Surf T-Shirts made from lightweight fabrics that dry extra quickly, are especially convenient and do not disturb while Swimming or Surfing.

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After Sun is as important as sun cream

It comes to skin after sunbathing but, for once, reddened, is their supply with a lot of moisture is particularly important. Especially in the case of severe sun burn, you should cool the skin quickly. The sun dries out the skin strong, often in Combination with salty sea air or chlorinated pool water. After Sun Lotion remedy and should be applied after each sun exposure, whether with or without sunburn, to the skin. Unlike regular Body Lotions, After Sun lotions are thin liquid with a high water content. This makes them easier to distribute and supply the skin with even more moisture than traditional Body Lotions.

Annemarie Börlind After Sun cooling Gel for 12,31 EUR

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Lavera After Sun Lotion for 13,99 Euro

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Garnier Ambre Solaire After Sun hydrating milk for 4,86 EUR

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After Sun with hemp for sensitive skin

Connect with cannabis only drug use? Far from it, because hemp is always to be found more often in everyday products, such as Oil or flour. Also from cosmetics, hemp is here to stay. You can find it now in hand creams, Body Lotions, and Nagelölen, because products made with hemp are considered to be particularly of course, and to substances the skin with good fats, minerals and vitamins supply.

The After Sun Elixir of hemptouch is therefore particularly suitable for the care of sensitive skin after sunbathing. Without artificial fragrances, alcohol or parabens, the convenient Spray with all natural ingredients convinced materials such as cold-pressed hemp seed oil, St. John’s wort extract and citronella oil. In addition, the product is vegan and is cruelty-free.

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