5 tips to prevent back problems in the home office

The Coronavirus pandemic, forcing many to work from home. This helps to reduce the infection rate, on the other hand, it can be for the back problems: Ergonomic furniture you are looking for in home office, often in vain. With these tips, the Aktion Gesunder rücken (AGR) e. V. the Work in the own four walls can be as friendly as possible.

Suddenly, the home office – with this Situation, many employees see themselves currently, for the first time faced. Many have a flexible response and a job for the next few weeks set up, such as the kitchen or living room table. With the following tips, the home office without new furniture in a back-friendly design.

1. Dynamic sitting

One of the main reasons for back lack of movement is pain. Instead of a rigid attitude, it is recommended to replace more often, the sitting position. Look also, whether the dining room table is really the only place where you can work. An Alternative is perhaps a bistro table from the garden, you can get into the house or a counter in the kitchen. Up to you, you can work temporarily good Standing.

2. Good Lighting

You ensure that your workplace is well lit. So you can read the documents to be processed well, and not have to strain the eyes too much and not to bend too far forward.

3. Laptop place properly

On your work laptop so that is not directly in front or behind them, Windows are not, so that the sun hides. At best, the window is located on the side of the Monitor.

4. Stay In motion

Are you in the home office in the or Go to make a phone call. This provides quite unconsciously, for a spontaneous change of Posture. You can also change from time to time, the workplace: In the age of Wi-Fi and mobile phones you can get so much variety in the home office.

5. Breaks make

A plan, as well as in the office, a fixed break times and stick to it. You stand up from the workplace, stretch the legs, stretch and walk a few steps – for example, in the kitchen to make coffee for a small Snack or a short walk in the fresh air.

The AGR has put together on its Homepage small movement exercises for in between, as well in the office daily basis.


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