Touching story: a married couple (91 and 88) survives Corona-infection – and leaves holding hands clinic

Gillian and Michael England, have been married for 61 years happy. Then both are infected with the Coronavirus. Dangerous in their old age. However, the two survive together, the disease and can leave the clinic after three weeks, as a recover – a touching photo shows.

As Michael (91) and Gillian England (88), because of their disease at Covid-19 in the Leicester Royal Infirmary were admitted, got to know the staff of the hospital for two special people. Three weeks the couple spent in the institution and supported day-to-day. The clinic has shared a touching photo of the two on Facebook, as they leave after their recovery, the hospital Hand-in-Hand.

Sister Laura Lomas reported that Mr. England every Morning extra early, got up to leave even before his treatment of his wife. "There she waited, already awake, and the two drank together a Cup of tea." The clinic staff allowed the Couple to eat together, so that the two could spend more time together.

Michael (91) called his sons to say good-bye

Russell England, one of the three sons of the couple, was, according to the BBC, in custody, whether his parents would survive the infection. Especially the 91-year-old Michael England was buffeted by Corona, and I even called his children to give them "Lebewohl" to say. On this day, the Doctors had expected him only 48 hours to life time.

As the biggest drive for his recovery, Michael called his wife Gillian. "First of all, I want to sein&quot for Gillian because;, he told the BBC, "During the time in the hospital, I missed nothing, because Gillian is here and I can see them every day. To be on the same day, together released is still better than to have the whole of the recovery time spent together."

After three weeks of treatment, the two were able to leave the hospital Hand in Hand together. "Warning: This story is perhaps the Best thing you will see today werden", the clinic writes to your Facebook Post.

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