This Mattifying Sunscreen Doesn't Dry Out the Skin or Leave a White Cast

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Black Girl Sunscreen first arrived on the beauty scene in 2016 with a creamy SPF that doesn't leave a white cast. The untraceable formula made it a popular option for people with dark skin. Now, the brand has added a new sunscreen — Make It Matte SPF 45 — to its lineup, which I was lucky enough able to get my hands on. 

Unlike the squeezable tube of its predecessor, this matte formula is encased in a bottle with a pump and removable cap. It isn't the typical creamy white sunscreen — it's actually not a cream at all. It has a gel-like consistency, making it feel closer to a serum instead. 

The silky and hydrating feel is largely thanks to the four skin-care goodies in the formula. Shea butter, coconut oil, and squalane assist in adding moisture to the skin, while aloe vera can help soothe, according to cosmetic chemist Ron Robinson. All this to say, users get nourishing benefits and sun protection all in one.

Connecticut-based board-certified dermatologist Mona Gohara says sunscreens like this, one that can multitask, are great because "[the skin-care benefits] make it pleasurable, fun, and easy to use." When shopping for any sunscreen, she insists that "you cannot compromise on the product being broad-spectrum SPF 30 or higher." So long as it meets those requirements, it can come in a lotion, cream, or gel-like formula.  

After moisturizing, I slathered about two to three pumps of the silky formula across my face. Gohara says a nickel-sized amount of sunscreen is recommended, no matter the formula. Because this product is completely clear, it blended into my skin with ease. 

If you love a dewy finish, this mattifying sunscreen isn't for you. I know the word "mattifying" or "matte" can be a bit frightening if you have dry or even normal skin, but this one doesn't feel like it sucked all the moisture from my face. After layering it over a cream moisturizer and face oil, my skin still felt hydrated and had a nice glowy sheen to it. 

Make It Matte SPF 45 may have different packaging, formulation, and finish than the original Black Girl Sunscreen, but it gave me the thing I love the most about the brand: sun protection without the ghastly white cast or grayish, ashy tint. It feels glorious on the skin, like spreading the creamiest butter on a warm slice of toast. 

For me, the Make it Matte SPF 45 checks a few important boxes. It's infused with powerhouse skin-care ingredients for a moisturizing feel, and the consistency feels lightweight and lovely on the skin. And last but not least, it blends in without a trace. No complaints over here. 

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Black Girl Sunscreen Make it Matte SPF 45

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