Is Your Inattentive Mind Costing You Your Job Or Relationship? You’ve Got Nothing To Blame Except Your Smartphone- Here’s Why

Guess what, despite having the word ‘smart’ in it, your smartphone is definitely having the exact opposite effect on your brain. Don’t believe us? Try to think of the last argument you had with a loved one. Let us guess, it involved something about you not paying enough attention, right? Ever stop to think why that is?

Alright, for argument’s sake, imagine you’re attending a nice and intimate family dinner. You’re surrounded by your loved ones, all scattered around the house. Now, in a realistic scenario, how many of these relatives would spend the entire time there without looking at their smartphones?

And no, your grandma and grandpa don’t count. I think you’d agree that even the little kids would be glued to one gadget or another. Shouldn’t they be creating a ruckus like children are supposed to, you’d think. Is that really the kind of “intimate” family gathering you’d want to find yourself at? 

You have to agree now that smartphones are responsible for doing some heavy damage to your attention spans and relationships. If you still don’t believe us, take a University of Waterloo’s graduate’s word for it. His research found that our mind tends to wander elsewhere while using our smartphone. He claims that this, therefore, leads to significant attention problems in our daily lives.

There’s no way to deny this- we’re sure you know that, too. Every major and minor form of distraction lies in your smartphone, whether it be mindless games, time-consuming social media apps, text messages, or calls. How on earth are people supposed to sit through an entire conversation without getting sidetracked? Especially, because of the tons of notifications bombarding them constantly.

Another study conducted recently at Baylor University found that as a result of an increasingly shortened attention span, people tend to manifest symptoms of depression. A reduced attention span was also found to be the reason behind failed relationships.

Just think about it; with all the mistakes an unattentive mind tends to make, your smartphone could be the reason why your relationship did not work. Your smartphone could also become the reason for you getting a demotion instead of the promotion that you had been waiting for all year long.  

This might be a good time to say enough. Take a healthy and much-needed step back from your smartphone to focus on the things that are really important to you.

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