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Consumer advocates warn of alleged “Miracle drugs” against Corona

On the Internet a variety of dietary supplements and plant extracts are applied with an alleged protection against infection with the Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Can have the effect of such “miracle cures”, but really something against the novel pathogen?

According to the experts, Distance is the best protection against infection with the novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2. Also, the Wearing of a mouth-nose protection as well as regular hands are recommended to wash in order to reduce the risk of infection. What can, however, contribute to the protection, there are various “miracle cure”, part of which will be advertised still solid.

Numerous offers of alleged Corona-the wonders of resources on the Internet

As the state Chancellery of Rhineland-Palatinate, country representative in Brussels, reported on its website, were in use in the last few weeks numerous offers of alleged Corona-miracle products on the Internet, including, for example, mouth water or the urine of cows, but also dangerous offerings such as high diluted arsenic.

The European Commission has taken action recently against such offers. In the framework of an EU wide Screening of websites could be about a million of false and fraudulent content, or blocked.

But still a miracle cure,” such as activated water, or virus killer-the pendulum will be applied “against Corona.

Also the Verbraucherzentrale Berlin criticized in a recent communication that the concern of the consumer is exploited in indoor-to-consumer your health from the individual vendors in the current Corona-crisis, in order to increase the sales of your products with a doubt, advertising adhere to the promise.

“These products should you have now at home”

How the consumer writes a Central, apply more and more manufacturers of food supplements or plant extracts with alleged protection against infection with the Coronavirus. In General, this is not allowed.

“Food supplements are foods and are generally allowed to be advertised in order that you protect against diseases, to alleviate, or even cure,” explains Dr. Britta Schautz, project management food and nutrition and the consumer advice centre in Berlin.

The information that a provider is recruited for a dietary Supplement in the online shop with the following statements: “Strengthen your immune system in the fight against the Coronavirus”, “Arm yourself against viral infections such as corona virus with a strong immune system” and “These are the products you should have now at home”.

In the opinion of the Verbraucherzentrale Berlin, this company took advantage of the Fears of the customers and raised the misleading expectation, with the use of the products, an increased protection from infection could be obtained.

To the warning, the dealer gave the demanded Declaration to cease and desist and removed the offending advertising.

Conscious exploitation of a specific misfortune of the situation

Similarly, the advertising of a provider of Cannabidiol products was assessed. The offered hemp seed oil, the dealer said in his online store under the Heading of “Coronavirus, and CBD” and “How Cannabidiol can protect against viral or bacterial infections?” is a reduction in the susceptibility to all kinds of virus infections. Also here is a Declaration to cease and desist was issued.

Another company advertised also on the Internet “Immunity Set”, a compilation of different plant powders for the preparation of Smoothies. The accompanying Text was, according to the consumer no doubt that the use of these products resulted in strengthening of the immune system and the immune system and as a contribution to the fight against the Coronavirus could afford.

Here, too, the Berlin consumer advice centre appreciated the advertising as an unfair action by the conscious exploitation of a specific misfortune of the situation. In addition, here, promises were made that failed from the point of view of the consumer against the food law.

The demanded Declaration to cease and desist was not issued in this case, so that the consumer Central Berlin will now take legal action.

Dubious advertising report and avoid products

“The consumer campaigns against violations of competition and warns relevant company. Consumers should be consumers of us so dubious promotional measures,“ says Claudia Both, policy officer at the consumer advice centre in Berlin.

“In addition, we advise against buying such products. You can not protect against infection and in the worst case, even damage, if they are dosed, for example, too high or no longer in safety wähnend to measures such as the distance rule,“ says Dr. Britta Schautz. (ad)

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