Chrissy Teigen Got A COVID-19 Test & Says She ‘Honestly Loved It’

Quarantine has given us a chance to get an even more up-close and intimate look into our favorite celebrities’ lives as they broadcast significantly more from their (really nice) houses. Chrissy Teigen leveled this up a bit more on Tuesday when she shared a video of her COVID-19 swab test with her Twitter followers.

Teigen had previously given a public eye roll to other public figures (including the President) calling the test “invasive”  and managed to have her own testing experience seem a whole lot more giggly as the long swab was inserted in each of her nostrils to reach the nasopharyngeal region — which is where the nose and throat meet  and where the virus reportedly likes to hang out.

Because being able to be tested for the virus at all remains a privilege many less affluent Americans cannot reach, a few Twitter users were quick to ask why Teigen was getting tested and accused her of getting the test for “shits and giggles.” (For the record, don’t do that or assume to know the health situation of someone else!)  Teigen shared that she was prepping for a surgery and needed to have the test done before she could have the procedure.

It’s advised that patients who are going in for pre-scheduled necessary surgeries be screened ahead of being admitted, as a recent study notes: “patients who are scheduled for surgery should always be assumed to be potential carriers of the virus throughout the duration of their hospital stay, even if they pass the pre-assessment triage including normal temperature, no history of exposure or travel, and no respiratory symptoms.”

Another joint statement from the Anesthesia Patient Safety Foundation (APSF) and the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) also notes that pre-testing patients ahead of any kind of surgery should be a priority.

“All patients should be screened for symptoms prior to presenting to the hospital. Patients reporting symptoms should be referred for additional evaluation. All other patients should undergo nucleic acid amplification testing (including PCR tests) prior to undergoing non-emergent surgery,” per their statment. “Because false-negatives may occur with testing, droplet precautions (surgical mask and eye covering) should be used by OR staff for operative cases. Before performing an aerosol- generating procedure, health care providers within the room should wear an N95 mask, eye protection, gloves and a gown. If a patient tests positive for SARS-CoV-2, elective surgical procedures should be delayed until the patient is no longer infectious and has demonstrated recovery from COVID-19.”

The testing process doesn’t seem fun to watch (or to experience), but a giggly video of Teigen getting it done for medically-recommended reasons may help sooth the nerves of anyone else with a test coming up.

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